: PPAOs Hospital open to receives patients social security.
Khun Darawan Jinda, Manager of benefit Centre, PPAO is Hospital said, Right now, PPAOs Hospital had open to service patients social security. Which can receives 35,000 patients social security.
In addition, the hospital has opened to patients social security can change the right of hospital come to PPAO's Hospital. Everyone can transfer the right to change the hospital at the hospital, Social Security Office or HR of the company. From 1st January -31th March 2012.

Khun Darawan said. "In addition, the hospital had opened service for patients in the first phase of 129 beds and open a special room which the VIP Room and a single room. In atmosphere with seaview. The Hospital also have general rooms as well. which air-conditioning and airy atmosphere. Which was opened on February 1st, 2012. However, if you are interested in medical check up. I would like to invite you to the PPAO's hospital where was ready with modern medical technology and professional medical staff. PPAO's Hospital welcome to all people ".

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