: PPAO Organizes Buddhabutr (Buddhas Child) Camp Batch 2/2019 to Make the Youth be Close to the Religion And Far Away From Drugs.
On 19 May 2019, at 9.00 am., at Chalerm Phrakiat Patinissakkho mind development center, Karon Sub-District, Mueang, Phuket, Mrs. Aree Sansom - PPAO Deputy Chief Administrator presides over the opening ceremony of the Buddhabutr (Buddhas Child) Camp Batch 2/2019, for PPAO Baan Talad Nua School (Wankru 2502), which is held during May 19 -21, 2019. In this event, Mrs. Karnmanee Sillapa - Educational Advisor, Senior Professional Level, acting PPAO Director of the Department of Education, Religion and Culture, according wiht PPAO officials, school executives and teachers participate.
Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO) organizes Buddhabutr (Buddhas Child) Camp Batch for students in the schools under PPAO total 4 batches, each of which will take 3 days. According to Buddhabutr (Buddhas Child) Camp Batch 2/2019, 196 students under the supervision of 12 teachers from PPAO Baan Talad Nua School (Wankru 2502) attend the training. The purposes of this training are to encourage young people get close to religion and avoid drug, to study the principle of Buddhism, to practice the Buddhism principle according to their learning, and to apply all training courses into students real life. In this training, many activities are set: Dhamma Puatjai (Open-mindedness for Dhamma) activity before learning ahead, Khian Duay Mue activity (Write by hand) transmitted to mom, Law of Khamma, CSR Atthajariya activity, Dhamma for Wipatsananuban (Meditation course), and Yoga Nussati (Yoga activity) for every step of learning, etc. In this event, Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization receives good cooperation from the monk lecturers from Yannawa temple (Bangkok), and Anuphas Kritsada Ram temple (Wat Ket Ho), Chalerm Phrakiat Patinissakkho mind development center who supports the place, and school executives under PPAO who send students to the training.

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