: PPAO Visits the Area to Launch Dengue Fever Protection Campaign and Spray Smoke to Eliminate Mosquitoes.
On 7 June 2018, the Health Promotion and Disease Control officers of Public Health Division of PPAO together with PPAO Division of Public Works and Rassada Subdistrict Municipality visits the area to launch dengue fever protection campaign and spray smoke to eliminate mosquitoes in Soi Vanich 2 and Soi Ketsuwan, Moo 7, Rassada Sub-District, Mueang District to prevent Dengue outbreak.
Dengue fog machine is used to reduce the mosquito population density to a minimum, reduce the life expectancy of female mosquitoes, and also eliminate female mosquitoes with dengue in the body quickly during the outbreak of dengue fever. This measure is used as an addition to breeding sites-reducing measure.

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