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" PPAO Attends Morning Agenda Meeting to Drive the Development of Phuket. "
PPAO Attends Morning Agenda Meeting to Drive the Development of Phuket.
On 18 September 2018, at 07.30 am., at Phuket Governor’s House, Mr. Sathian Keawphraprab - PPAO Deputy Chief Administrator, together with Mrs. Aree Sansom - PPAO Deputy Chief Administrator, and Mr. Prasit Yotarak - Director of PPAO Transportation Division, participates the meeting “Morning Agenda, Relief of Suffering and Create Happiness” for Phuket to follow up and drive the government policy implementation of Phuket executives” at 32 /2018. In the event, Mr. Norrapat Plodthong, Phuket Governor, presides over and Phuket Vice Governors - Mr.Snith Sriwihok and Mr.Thawornwat Kongkaew, heads of government agencies, local administrative organizations, and involved agencies participate.
This meeting is to follow up the progress of monkey management which the Governor of Phuket assigns PPAO reset the monkey feeding area on Khao Toh-Sae by arranging the feeding area to locate above the point of exercise, not to make monkeys do any trouble to people, assigns Khao Phra Thaeo Nature and Wildlife Education Center to summarize monkey troubleshooting in the overview and report to the Governor of Phuket, including making a copy to report Secretary-General to the Prime Minister, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and Permanent Secretary for Interior Office of the Permanent Secretary, and also assigns the Phuket Tourism and Sports Office to hold guide conferences for providing information to tourists. In addition, the meeting has tracked harbor arrangement the Governor of Phuket assign various agencies to accelerate the process, namely assigning Phuket Port Authority Office to accelerate the inspection of ships in Phuket, any ship that is inspected already will be attached with sticker, assigning the ship operators to install radio communication system, and coordinate PPAO to install more Radio Transceiver Station, including making a copy to report Phuket Provincial Governor Office, assigning Phuket Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office to report each berth service, assigning the head of each monitoring unit to go on location and randomly check each berth, assigning Phuket Provincial Administration Office to coordinate the Ko Kaeo Subdistrict Administrative Organization and Rawai Subdistrict Municipality to accelerate the appointment of a port manager and appoint port officers, including speeding up the implementation of the security system at passenger standpoint. The Governor of Phuket assigns Digital Economy Promotion Agency Phuket Branch carry out a QR Code scan of passport application or ID card to install at various docks, assigns Phuket Provincial Governor Office to coordinate with TOT Public Company Limited or NBTC office area 42 (Phuket) for emergency phone number. And then, send emergency phone number to Marine Surveillance and Assistance Center for proceeding on. The Governor of Phuket assigns the Phuket Tourism and Sports Office and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office to coordinator tour operator / guide to collect information of each tour group, such as I.D. number or passport number, provide clear information to link with the digital system of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Phuket Branch.
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