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" PPAO joined Phuket Governor to meet the press "
PPAO joined Phuket Governor to meet the press
On 9 January at 10:30 a.m., PPAO Deputy Chief Administrator – Mr. Sathian Keawphraprab attended for giving information regarding the project “Phuket Governor meet the press at 4 th in 2018” at the Phuket City Hall’s auditorium. With this event, Mr. Norrapat Plodthong, Phuket Governor, presided at the meeting. Mr. Sanith Sriwihok and Mr. Prakob Wongmaneerung, Phuket Vice Governor, Mrs. Budsaya Jaipeam, Phuket Public Relations Officer, head of government officials, local administrative organisation, and involved agencies participated in the meeting.
On this occasion, PPAO joined the press to prepare for National Childrens Day on 13 January 2018 at the Phuket City Hall, time: 08.00-16:30 p.m. The purposes are to encourage children and young people to realise their importance as a valuable human resource of the country and to support them dare to think, to do, and to show the creativity. In addition, the private sectors are allowed to support this activity by giving gifts in order to develop children. In other hand, the project for digging the canals for drainage that is responsible by PPAO, Phuket Municipality, Phuket Public Works and Town & Country Planning is followed up. On this meeting, Mr. Norrapat Plodthong, Phuket Governor, awarded the certificate to Mrs. Pawana Kawekong, the bus conductor of the Route 2 under the project “the Praise for a Good Person of Phuket”. In this case, she works honestly, having service minded, and being a good role model by collecting and returning the gold bracelet, 2 baht or 30.4 grams of weight, and a gold ring to the owner. In addition, the certificates were given to Phuket Youths; Miss Piyarat rachapholsan, Miss Thunwarat Naknakorn, and Miss Khanruedee Phakkeaw, students from Plukpanya Municipal School under the Royal Patronage. They are the winner of Anti-Corruption Media in secondary level under the short film contest, and the movie’s name “OK JAD HAI”. The certificate awarding ceremony is set for the appreciation to all winners to make reputation for Phuket Province.
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